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There are numerous other articles which will inform you where to visit, things to see, where to get cheap beer and just how to not be ripped off by taxi drivers. This information is about the holiday letting market in Prague and how to get the most from it.

Where to Stay?

Prague transfer service
For self-evident reasons everybody is drawn to the Old Town Square or the immediate vicinity for the Charles Bridge. In case you are contemplating this then look at the following:

Prague transfer service
 Stag and Hen parties congregate in these areas and is very noisy, particularly late into the evening.

 Czechs congregate here for key sports normally shown on Huge TV screens - check you dates carefully.

 Pickpockets and street prostitutes frequent these areas.

 Prague city centre is very small, and most places can be in easy reach or are served by excellent trains and buses links (metro and trams)

 Hotels and Apartments are often more costly over these areas.

 There are numerous other parts of Prague that are quieter, cheaper and well connected to the remaining portion of the city. Just about the most popular areas if you ask me is Vinohrady (the Royal Vineyard). The architecture is fantastic with a real cafĂ© society. This is a 10-15 minute walk away from Wenceslas Square and well served by trains and buses.

Two outstanding new developments have recently been built-in Vinohrady there are lots of holiday apartments available. These are the Zvonarka and Korunni Dvur developments. The apartments are often furnished with a 4 star standard with swimming pools and fitness facilities available with either free or a small charge. They are really worth considering over and above a little, drafty, noisy Old Town apartment.

Other pitfalls with Prague Apartments

There are many apartments designed for temporary holiday and vacation rental. But choose your apartment carefully!

Following entry to the Czech Republic there has been a great deal of investment into this market externally from the Czech Republic. It really is easier than ever before to purchase and mortgages are becoming accessible to non-Czech nationals the first time - at reasonable rates. They're normally furnished to a high standard plus good, safe locations and add to the stock of quality Czech owned apartments.

There are also numerous 'protected rent' apartments which are sublet illegally. They are more aged and also the 'owners' spend a lot less on furnishings and maintenance because they are letting the flats illegally.

Protected rents were meant to provide affordable accommodation to Czechs during the communist period and in the future they're likely to be phased out.

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